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Revolutionising The Crypto Research Market

Find crypto projects before they hit the market

91.5% of all projects posted by high-ranking scouts did a 2x or more within 24 hours

Access Vetter dAPP here

Vetter Platform is the first tokenized crypto research tool deriving its knowledge base from crowdsourcing. With integrated gamification and A.I., this next-gen ecosystem and investor-research tool will help you in your hunt for worthwhile crypto presales, fair launches, and ICOs.

It's time-consuming to research all the upcoming launches to spot the next 2x to 100x gem. Crowdsourcing helps solve this. Vetter has gathered a large number of people to contribute a small amount of their time to research crypto projects while giving token holders access to the collective knowledge base. This data-rich tool massively reduces the amount of time it takes to search for crypto gems before they launch.

Vetter Calendar integrates an Intuitive Oracle feature for Tier 4 holders which provides a sophisticated sorting tool to save you even more time searching for projects loaded by scouts (those who post projects) with a stellar (highest level) ranking score. If you want to search for projects likely to 10x within a 24-hour, 7-day, 30-day or overall time frame, you have that option— which reduces the stress of getting involved with new projects and increases your ability to recoup your investment and potentially profit within a time-frame that works with your lifestyle and goals.

But how do you stop the shillers and spammers so that the quality of information shared is stellar and accurate? And how do you collate this data so the best crypto projects rise to the top?

Vetter has combined the power of crowdsourcing with A.I. and a feature-rich dApp to solve these problems for the first time. They’ve added gamification— making it fun, fast, and easy to spot crypto projects worthy of consideration while removing frustration for the everyday investor.

Most retail investors are NOT trained. So if it's too much of a grind, they're probably not going to do it. That’s where Vetter’s platform comes in, making it entertaining with Scoring, Ranking, Compensation, and Incentivization mechanics. Vetter holders are incentivized to help the community spot crypto gems using Vetter's unique tokenomics. A Vetter Token holder is compensated by participating as a Voter, Scout, or Vetter— or all three!

It's not required to participate to benefit from the Vetter Platform. Token Holders not interested in getting compensated for contributing can still use the Platform as their #1 crypto research tool to identify crypto presales, fair launches, and ICOs most worthy of their cash, and time.

Vetter's comprehensive A.I. uses a scoring and ranking system to reward users who are best at identifying crypto projects that perform well. The higher one's rank, the more they get paid as a Voter, Scout, or Vetter.

Since Vetter’s A.I. and crowdsourcing model can also be applied to micro-caps, NFTs, and other emerging markets— those holding Vetter can anticipate great returns via ongoing developments, including an launchpad ecosystem.

More on Vetter

● The Vetter community audits every crypto project loaded to its calendar. Projects posted by scouts who consistently load projects producing 2x-100x gains are highlighted, making it easy to know what crypto projects you should consider researching first. stellar track-records, saving you massive time hunting for gems by narrowing the search.

● When Scouts post upcoming crypto projects to the calendar, Vetters can add additional in-depth research data. Once a project launches, Voter auditors indicate if it was successful within a 24-hr, 7-day, 30-day, or "all-time" time-frame.

● This allows investors to use the calendar to sort for projects that match their investment preferences. We call this feature the Intuitive Oracle. Learn more here

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