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The 5 Most Creative Billboards Ever, But Do They Actually Work?

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Yes, you read that correctly. This tired, overused form of advertising CAN be creative.

Billboards are everywhere. That said, I am willing to bet that if you passed by these billboard ads as you were moseying along in your daily travels, they wouldn’t just catch your attention; they would capture it...

Here are some of our favourite creative billboards.

1) Nationwide Insurance - USA

Nationwide Insurance

Source: AdsArchive

Believe it or not, this billboard is not an advertisement for paint. This ad is part of the Nationwide Insurance “life comes at you fast” campaign. Yes, it's a bit more than a typical billboard, but it highlights perfectly how accidents can happen. Why wouldn't you get insurance after seeing this?

2) Formula Toothpaste - Indonesia

Formula Toothpaste

Who would have thought that using less of the billboard would give a better advert! Proof that billboards don't have to be rectangles.

Rather than tell potential customers how good your product is, why not SHOW it?

3) Oldtimer - Austria


How often do you notice the billboard advertisements on the side of the road when you're speeding along on the highway? Well, anyone driving through this tunnel in Austria can’t possibly miss this billboard. What's the best way to make your billboard stand out?

4) Panasonic - Indonesia


Using the environment is a perfect way to make your billboard stand out; comedic value is always welcome!

5) Vetter Platform - Worldwide

Whilst working with Vetter, our marketing strategy included citywide takeovers. Hitting the world's crypto capitals not only with digital ads, influencers (Joe Parys, VoskCoin, and more) and product reviews but getting people in the street talking and seeing that this is not just another project but a brand and a movement.

We looked for some of the highest foot traffic areas in conjunction with web3 expose and found this beautiful spot in Time square above one of the busiest subway stations in New York.

We wanted to show movement and build excitement whilst showing off our retro branding and a clear call to action of what you could achieve with Vetter. Our in-house design team jumped at the opportunity to make something a little different to help draw the eyes up into the sky!

We partnered this epic sight up with multiple Kiosk screens across the financial district and the surrounding streets of New York to achieve maximum exposure for our client.

So what did all this achieve?

  • 98% coverage to all NYC residence

  • A physical impression count of 2,500,000

  • New holders

  • Engagement within the community

  • Increased website traffic from New York

We at Anonymous LOVE billboards.

Get in contact to see how we can market your project in creative and innovative ways.

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